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The Bobber 200 is part of the evolution of Helium-compatible gateways that mines HNT cryptocurrency by witnessing, beaconing, and transferring LoRaWAN data. As a Light Hotspot, the Bobber 200 will not require a copy of the blockchain to be stored internally and will not be susceptible to syncing issues. Additionally, it will not experience relay issues and therefore mines HNT more reliably. Currently it is waiting for final audit and approval by the Manufacturing Compliance Committee and the Helium Foundation.

More Frequency Information

Helium's LoRaWAN Network is built upon 8-channel gateways. It is extremely important that you select the appropriate frequencies for gateway configuration for each country. For more information, go to

Mine More Reliably

Light hotspot earnings are expected to be much more stable and consistent

Next Gen Tech

The evolution of LoRaWAN gateways on the Helium blockchain

Minimal Computing

Data processing is off-loaded to the validators

No Syncing Required

Does not store a copy of the Blockchain

No Port Forwarding

Avoids relays by relying on validators to produce new blocks and initiate PoC challenges

Low Data Usage

Requires dramatically less data on your network.


When will I receive my miner?


What is the reason for light hotspots?

Since the genesis block, the Helium blockchain has run entirely on the physical Hotspot (e.g., Bobcat Miner 300) itself. As the blockchain network grows, each Hotspot running a full node undergoes increasing load and is starting to fall out of sync due to the higher compute requirements. To mitigate this, the Hotspot's consensus work has been moved off of physical Hotspots and onto Validators. This simplifies the architecture and enables us to grow the Network exponentially while keeping blocktimes and epochs stable.

Do Light Hotspots do the same work as current Hotspots?

Light Hotspots do not create challenges as this work has now been moved to Validators. Hotspots are still integral to Proof-of-Coverage and will perform the work of sending and witnessing Beacons, as well as make up the majority of Proof-of-Coverage rewards per epoch. Full hotspots on the Helium blockchain will no longer create PoC challenges after May 3, 2022 when light hotspot is activated on the Mainnet.

I’m still waiting for my Bobcat Miner 300 to ship. Will it work with Light Hotspots?

Yes, if you are awaiting a Bobcat Miner 300, it will download the Light Hotspot software upgrade automatically when it’s plugged in and connected to the internet.

Will Light Hotspots consume less bandwidth?

Yes. Because Light Hotspots no longer need to sync and keep up with a copy of the blockchain, it will consume much less bandwidth than before. By how much is still unknown and will depend on what updates your manufacturer sends to the Hotspot.

For latest info on payment, order, shipping and more, checkout the Knowledge Center page.

Your Devices
Like a Pro.

The Bobber app is an advanced hotspot management software featuring powerful tools to maintain and control Bobber hotspots.

app app

The Bobber app is an advanced hotspot management software featuring powerful tools to maintain and control Bobber hotspots.

app app