Embark on a new journey with JDI App: A Gateway to Limitless Possibilities!
Embark on a new journey with JDI App: A Gateway to Limitless Possibilities!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a realm of boundless opportunities as the highly-anticipated JDI app bursts onto the scene! With its array of captivating features, this transformative platform empowers users like never before. From logging in to connecting your Helium wallet, onboarding hotspots to transferring ownership, the JDI app is your ultimate companion on your mining journey.


Step into a world where updates and advancements are the norm. As you navigate the JDI app, the future unfolds before your eyes, offering exciting possibilities. Prepare to unleash the full potential of your hotspots as you seamlessly update their locations and antennas, ensuring optimal performance in the ever-evolving mining landscape.


But that's not all. Brace yourself for a thrilling experience as you claim the well-deserved mining rewards that await you. The JDI app is your gateway to unlocking the treasures and bounties that the Helium network has to offer, fueling your mining aspirations and propelling you toward unprecedented success.


With its captivating design and intuitive interface, the JDI app becomes your trusted companion on this exhilarating mining journey. Let the excitement guide you as you explore its features, weaving together a tale of empowerment, discovery, and endless possibilities.


So, don't wait another moment. Join the JDI app and embrace the future of mining. Unleash the power within, as you embark on an adventure like no other. The stage is set, and the world of mining eagerly awaits your arrival. Let the JDI app be your guide, as you ascend to new heights and carve your path in this exhilarating digital landscape. The possibilities are limitless, and the time to begin is now!



Prepare for an exhilarating adventure as we delve into the realm of login within the JDI app, where the true power of your Bobber hotspots awaits. Get ready to unlock the extraordinary by following these thrilling steps:


1. Prepare for an exhilarating adventure as we delve into the realm of login within the JDI app, where the true power of your Bobber hotspots awaits. Get ready to unlock the extraordinary by following these thrilling steps:

2. Behold the icon beckoning you from the bottom right corner of the app—a gateway to untold wonders. Surrender to its call, for it shall guide you towards the path of login.

3. Step into the sacred realm of the login screen, where a choice awaits. If you have an account, log in directly, tapping into familiar territories. For the seasoned Bobber app users, your ordinary account holds the key to unlocking the extraordinary. But if you're new to this realm, select the "Sign Up" button and unveil a world of untapped potential. Allow the JDI app to guide you on an unparalleled adventure. The stage is set, the journey begins. Embrace the extraordinary and unleash your mining aspirations.

4. Within the realm of sign-up, let your email be the conduit that bridges the gap between imagination and reality. Fill in the realm of the email address, and with a determined touch, summon forth a code to validate your presence. Brace yourself, for a mystical challenge known as the Verify Captcha awaits your response. Solve its enigmatic riddle, and with a triumphant tap, send forth the code via email. Venture into the vast expanse of your email inbox, braving even the treacherous depths of the spam folder, for there lies the sacred confirmation code.

5. From the depths of your inbox, retrieve the sacred Verification Code, a testament to your resilience and unwavering spirit. Carry its essence to the registration page, where a designated text box awaits your touch. With reverence, inscribe the code into its rightful place, for it shall solidify your identity within the realm of JDI.

6. Fortify your journey with a password of unparalleled strength, a shield against the forces that may seek to hinder your progress. Choose a combination of characters that resonates with your essence, ensuring it will forever remain etched in your memory. With resolute determination, select the "Sign Up" button, for it marks the final step towards claiming your destiny.

7. If the fates smile upon you and success embraces your endeavors, the grand gateway to the JDI app's Home screen shall manifest before you. A place of infinite opportunities and uncharted horizons. But the quest is not yet complete. With a sense of purpose, direct your gaze towards the next threshold of your odyssey—select "Link Wallet" and commence the next chapter of your saga.


Immerse yourself in the remarkable capabilities of the JDI app as you control your Bobber miner, directing its mining prowess toward the Helium network. Unleash the power, explore the possibilities, and revel in the rewards that await you on this mining journey.


Connect wallet

Prepare to unlock the full potential of your mining experience by connecting your Helium wallet to the JDI app. Follow these steps to seamlessly link your wallet:

1. From the Home screen of the JDI app, feel the surge of anticipation as you tap on the option to "Link Wallet." This pivotal moment sets the stage for a harmonious integration between your wallet and the app.

2. Protecting your security and privacy is paramount. When prompted to link your Helium wallet, exercise caution and choose the option that affirms, "Yes, Link The App." Remember, the JDI app will never request your seed words, and it is crucial to guard this information. Do not disclose your seed words to any third-party app.

3. The next phase of this enthralling process will transport you to your Helium Wallet App. Here, the grand union between the JDI app and your wallet awaits. Embrace the opportunity by selecting "Yes, Link My Wallet" to establish a seamless connection between the two.


With each step, you forge a bond that empowers the JDI app to tap into the vast potential of your Helium wallet. Together, they harmonize to enhance your mining endeavors, unveiling a world of possibilities and rewards. Embrace this synergy and let the JDI app and your Helium wallet propel you towards unprecedented mining success.


Onboard Your Hotspot

Get ready to embark on a thrilling onboarding journey for your hotspots within the captivating realm of the JDI app. Follow these steps to unlock the full potential of your Bobber miner:


1. Once you've successfully linked your Helium wallet and returned to the JDI app Home screen, feel the excitement pulsate as you tap on the icon nestled in the bottom right corner. This is your gateway to onboard a hotspot, propelling you further into the world of mining wonders.

2. As your anticipation builds, direct your attention to the plus icon (+) residing at the bottom center of the app. With a simple touch, unleash the power to onboard a hotspot, a pivotal step in your mining odyssey.

3. A realm of choice awaits you. Select either the Bobber Miner 300 or Bobber 500, depending on the type of hotspot you wish to onboard. This decision sets the stage for the mining prowess that lies ahead.

4. With unwavering determination, follow the prompts that illuminate your path, guiding you through the process of onboarding your selected hotspot. Each prompt brings you closer to harnessing its true potential.

5. As you prepare to scan the nearby hotspots, select "Start Scanning" and watch as the app diligently searches for the hotspots that align with your mining aspirations.

6. Amidst the plethora of options, your chosen hotspot beckons you. With a decisive touch, select it and set the wheels of your mining journey into motion.

7. Connect to the Bobber 300, establishing a vital connection that solidifies your command over its mining capabilities. Let the synchrony between the app and the hotspot ignite a surge of potential within you.

8. Having successfully connected to the Bobber 300, the time has come to set up the network. Choose either wifi or Ethernet, and for the wifi setting, select "Scan Network" to embark on a search for available networks.

9. Survey the options before you, and with discernment, select the wifi network that resonates with your intentions. If your desired network remains elusive, you can choose to Rescan and explore further.

10. With determination, fill in the wifi password, fortifying the connection that intertwines your hotspot with the digital realm. Select "Connect" to solidify this union.

11. The momentous step of requesting permission to set the hotspot's location lies before you. Embrace this opportunity by selecting "Request Permission" and embark on the journey to define its geographical coordinates.

12. Dive into the depths of discovery as you search for the address that will anchor your hotspot's location. Once you've found the perfect match, select "Set This Location" to initiate the antenna setting process.

13. Behold the array of antennas before you, each bearing the promise of enhanced performance. Choose the built-in antenna named Bobber, and set its height accordingly. Alternatively, if you possess a customized antenna, select "Custom Antenna" and enter the TX/RX Gain and Height. When you're satisfied, tap "Next" to continue.

14. Congratulations! You've successfully completed the essential steps of the onboarding process. The JDI app covers the location fee for your initial onboarding. Double-check that the location, TX/RX Gain, and Height are accurate, and with confidence, select "Register Hotspot" to solidify your hotspot's presence in the mining realm.

15. The JDI app will seamlessly navigate you to your Helium Wallet App, where you'll be called upon to sign the transaction, cementing your commitment to this extraordinary mining endeavor. Once you've completed the transaction, return to the JDI app and await the finalization of the process. As you eagerly anticipate the outcome, feel free to explore the other fascinating features that the app has to offer.


Your onboarding journey is complete, and the stage is set for unparalleled mining adventures. Embrace the synergy between the JDI app, your Bobber miner, and the Helium network as you venture forth into a realm brimming with boundless possibilities. Let the excitement guide you as you navigate the app's captivating landscape and unleash the full potential of your mining prowess.


Transferring Ownership of a Hotspot

1. Upon successfully onboarding your hotspot, immerse yourself in the hotspot list. Feel the excitement surge as you tap on the bottom right icon, which grants you access to a comprehensive view of your hotspots. Choose the specific hotspot you wish to transfer and eagerly anticipate the possibilities that lie ahead. With a simple tap, you'll enter the mesmerizing realm of its detail page.

2. Within the hotspot's detail page, unlock the gateway to transfer ownership by selecting the "Transfer" option. This pivotal moment sets the stage for a significant transformation in the hotspot's journey.

3. As you traverse the transfer page, take a moment to ensure the hotspot's name aligns with your intentions. Enter the buyer's address or immerse yourself in a world of convenience by tapping the right icon in the input box to effortlessly scan the QR code and automatically fill in the address. With unwavering determination, tap "Transfer" and prepare to embark on the next step of this awe-inspiring process.

4. Confirm the details of the transfer, allowing the weight of this profound moment to sink in. With absolute certainty, tap "Confirm" and witness the seamless transition as the JDI app gracefully guides you to your Helium Wallet App. Here, you will be called upon to exercise your authority by signing the transaction, solidifying the transfer of ownership.

5. As you bask in the accomplishment of this transformative act, return to the JDI app and embrace the anticipation that accompanies the finalization of the process. With each passing moment, the new owner will emerge, and the hotspot will embark on a fresh chapter of its journey.


Through the synergy of the JDI app and the Helium network, the power of ownership transfer becomes a seamless and awe-inspiring experience. Let the possibilities unfold as you navigate the intricacies of this remarkable process, forging new paths and unlocking endless potential.