The Future is Now - The Bobber website is revamping with big focus on products, opens 5G sale
The Future is Now - The Bobber website is revamping with big focus on products, opens 5G sale

Bobber Miner has relaunched its official website on May 13, 2022. The revamped website not only offers an improved experience featuring more products in 2022, but also officially opens up its Helium 5G miner, the Bobber 500, for sale.


A Brand New look
Since Bobber Miner’s global debut in March 2021, its official website has served as the only approved marketplace for Bobber hotspot purchases. As the blockchain and IoT start-up adapts and grows to meet growing customer demands, it has gone through a thorough revamp, now with even bigger focuses on user support, product development, and educational content for the Helium and Bobber community in 2022 and beyond.


One Year in Review
Since shipping the first batch of hotspots overseas in May 2021, Bobber Miner has shipped a total of 341,165 hotspots as of Batch 50. Deployed Bobber Miner 300 hotspots currently account for nearly 30% of the helium blockchain.

As the first hotspot maker to respond and actively engage with Helium’s evolutionary plan for the ecosystem, in March, Bobber launched the Bobber App, an advanced hotspot management software providing remote management services to its customers. This was a significant move signaling not only the company’s long-term commitment to its community and the Helium ecosystem, but also testifies to the company’s know-how to empower blockchain services.


Bobber 500 Now Available for US Customers
The website revamp has also made the Bobber 500 available for US customers. With the Helium Foundation’s official approval for the Bobber 500 on May 10, 2022, the Helium 5G miner is now available to order from limited stock on its online store. Featuring industry-leading hardware designs such as 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, and with the latest Intel 10nm Atom embedded CPU, the 5G gateway runs on Freedomfi software and is compatible with any CBRS radios Freedomfi certifies now and in the future.

Looking Ahead
Bobber also expects to launch its Helium light hotspot, the Bobber 200 in early Q2, as soon as it receives the final audit approval from the Helium Foundation. Now with a proven record of delivering hotspots and building out the People's Network, which slowly transitions from Proof of Coverage to Proof of Use, we will also explore more ways to contribute positively to the education and utilization of the network.

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