Bobber App + New Helium Wallet App = Never Lose Your Hair Again
Bobber App + New Helium Wallet App = Never Lose Your Hair Again

With the latest Bobber App v3.20.8 release on Andriod and iOS phones, our official app has just added one more killer feature - deeplinking between multiple Helium accounts. 


And, now the Bobber App also lets you easily unlink from one Helium account and relink a different one, all under a few clicks, without logging in or out of the Bobber App.


Gone are the days when you had to take 37 steps to log out of the Bobber App, log out of your Helium account (you now also have to enter your seed each time to do that), import seed to view a different Helium account first on the Helium App, then relink the Bobber App with the newly signed-in Helium App…all the while pulling out strands of hair in the process just so that you could see miners in a different Helium wallet via the Bobber App 😂!


The v3.20.8 Bobber App makes that history. To view miners in multiple helium wallets now, all you have to do is:

1. Download the Helium Wallet App
2. Import all of your Helium accounts into said app
3. Deeplink your Bobber App with the Helium Wallet App (we still give you the option to link the original Helium Hotspot App…for those that like it the hard way…)

Voila! Enjoy easily signing in and out of multiple Helium wallets within the Bobber App!

With this new feature, you no longer need to scramble for different sets of seed phrases whenever deeplinking a different Helium account. You can throw away your seeds in peace now. Just kidding, don’t.


Seriously, don’t lose your seed words. The only place you can enter it is in the Helium Hotspot App or Helium Wallet App. The Bobber App does not ask for or store it, nor should anyone else.




Last but not least, the Helium Wallet App is the way to go. It’s packed with advanced features besides multiple account support, such as contact book, ledger support…need we say more?? 


Download Bobber App on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.
Download Helium Wallet App on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

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