Introducing the Bobber Hotspot App - A New Way For Our Community to Connect
Introducing the Bobber Hotspot App - A New Way For Our Community to Connect

Dear Bobbers,

You may have already known from Helium’s recent announcement that the original Helium App will soon reduce its functionality to only manage Helium Hotspots. Additionally, Helium will soon release a new app called the Helium Wallet, which will allow users to manage their HNT and identities on the Helium Network. While Bobcat customers shouldn't expect any major changes now, they should be prepared to migrate to Helium's latest app and the Bobber Hotspot app in the near future.

The original Helium App will be renamed Helium Hotspot and continue to allow the Helium hotspots to run. However, the original App's wallet function is going to be disabled over time. Bobcat customers will need to sign in for the new Helium Wallet App for transactions from their Bobcat hotspot, including all HNTs that have been mined.

It is simple to shift from the Helium Hotspot App to the Helium Wallet App with your Bobcat hotspot. You only need to input your 12-word seed phrase into the new Helium Wallet. All info associated with your private key (HNT, Hotspots, Validators, Data Credits) will be transferred.


What is Next?

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Helium engineers on developing our new Bobber Hotspot App (“the App”). We are excited to announce that the App will be available to download in early March 2022.

In addition to onboarding and managing hotspots, the App will include the Bobcat Diagnoser with enhanced diagnostic features. This will include remote access to built-in statuses for your miner's LED, Gap, Sync, and more. The App can also send notifications to users about any essential status changes to the temperature, OTA, and syncing.

These new designs were created with the Helium Wallet App in mind. The Bobber app will utilize a deeplink to the Helium wallet app to link your account, which means you will never have to enter you seed phrase to gain access to the Bobber app. With both apps under your control, you will be able to manage and fine-tune your favorite Bobber to your liking.

Stay tuned!


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