Bobber OTA Update: Yellow, White Light Fixes
Bobber OTA Update: Yellow, White Light Fixes
Sep 16, 2022 - Bobber pushed the latest OTA update at 6.30 am PST today. This is a Bobcat firmware-only release.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:
1. Helium Firmware version remains 2022.08.17.1_GA
2. Bobber Firmware version updated to

This release fixes the LED light for some hotspots that were working normally but had a constant yellow or white light. It also corrects the OTA version from the Diagnoser which was showing incorrectly.


  • doğuş

    not working in old performance after update.

  • Modesto

    Hello, my Bobcat 300 miner has both of these updated firmware versions but it is experiencing the yellow light. At times I have seen it switch to green then back to yellow. I do see earnings coming in. It is possible that this issue has not been completely corrected.

  • William (Bobcat Support)

    Thanks for letting us know about that 0Mbps speed issue George! I’ve forwarded this information over to the developers for a closer look.

  • George Klissiaris

    I just realised that Bobcat Miner 300 speed test from the Diagnoser shows only results in Mbps and zero decimals and because my upload speed is less than 1Mbps, it shows 0Mbps, even if it’s not zero, but 0.79Mbps. I would suggest to tell your Diagnoser developers to fix that, so that it can show numbers with 2 decimals, for example: 0.79Mbps.

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