Bobber OTA Update: off-chain PoC Preparation
Bobber OTA Update: off-chain PoC Preparation

Dec 21, 2022 - Bobber pushed the latest OTA update yesterday. 

The following updates occurred in this OTA:
1. Helium Firmware version updated to 2022.12.13.0_GA
2. Bobber Firmware version bumped to

This Helium miner release prepares for off-chain PoC by updating the automatic beacon rate to every 6 hours. From there, the off-chain oracle will process the Proof-of-Coverage and store the results in a database, NOT on the Helium Blockchain.

No rewards will be given for Off-Chain beacons or witnesses at this time. It will not affect rewards for Hotspots on the network until the chain variable activation in January 2023.

Read the full announcement here.


  • Jochie

    Same here… Since the update the wired network has switched to and hasnt work since.
    I’ve switched to wifi as the network port is useless since….

  • DSjung

    Hi~ This is South Korea.
    1. APPLE – “Pairing” was successful using “Bobber App” on iPhone.
    – Added hotspot (Assert Location) and got “Node Name” and “Location”.
    – check
    – Image of an iPhone that successfully “paired”
    – Since there were no search results from “Helium Explorer” and “Bobber App”, it was repeated 3 to 4 times over 2 to 3 days.
    - In the continued test, the result is the same.
    - This is a recent phenomenon.

    2. However, “Node Name” and “Hexa” do not appear in “Helium Explorer” yet.

    3. The product buyer is waiting for installation.

    4. If you tell us what the solution or cause is, it will be helpful for our work.

    5. Thank you for your hard work.
    - Hope the above will help you solve your problem.
    - Please let me know how to solve it.

  • Eric

    Same here 8 hours and showing offline in the app.

  • Arun Gill


    Just like to say that since up date the bobcat has not witnesses or beconed. WHERE’S the other miner is working nicely since API is down.

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