Bobber OTA Update: off-chain PoC Preparation
Bobber OTA Update: off-chain PoC Preparation

Dec 21, 2022 - Bobber pushed the latest OTA update yesterday. 

The following updates occurred in this OTA:
1. Helium Firmware version updated to 2022.12.13.0_GA
2. Bobber Firmware version bumped to

This Helium miner release prepares for off-chain PoC by updating the automatic beacon rate to every 6 hours. From there, the off-chain oracle will process the Proof-of-Coverage and store the results in a database, NOT on the Helium Blockchain.

No rewards will be given for Off-Chain beacons or witnesses at this time. It will not affect rewards for Hotspots on the network until the chain variable activation in January 2023.

Read the full announcement here.


  • Seth

    How do I update my bobcat 300 manually?

  • Dan B.

    The support ticket system from Bobcat is broken, there is every time a server bounce mail " ‘BOBCAT’ am …….2023 22:29
    554 5.2.0 SMTP602 Message contains Spam Content " when I write back to the support. Text and pictures of the Bobcat tag are detected as a spam mail from the customer!? now is v1.0.3.16 but “Onboarding Key Error” message is still there!?

  • Josh

    I also have the Onboarding Key Error. Anyone figure out what this means or how to fix?

  • Dan B.

    After update to v1.0.3.15 there is an “Onboarding Key Error”! Bobcat miner is not working anymore! Why???

  • Deanna

    How to export reward transactions?

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