Bobber OTA Update: off-chain PoC Preparation
Bobber OTA Update: off-chain PoC Preparation

Dec 21, 2022 - Bobber pushed the latest OTA update yesterday. 

The following updates occurred in this OTA:
1. Helium Firmware version updated to 2022.12.13.0_GA
2. Bobber Firmware version bumped to

This Helium miner release prepares for off-chain PoC by updating the automatic beacon rate to every 6 hours. From there, the off-chain oracle will process the Proof-of-Coverage and store the results in a database, NOT on the Helium Blockchain.

No rewards will be given for Off-Chain beacons or witnesses at this time. It will not affect rewards for Hotspots on the network until the chain variable activation in January 2023.

Read the full announcement here.


  • Erick A.

    My bobcatminer300 doesn’t appear active in the helium browser, I can’t link it with the app either, I need help.

  • Vikas

    Terrible… why they dropped the service…?
    there is no app that can support bobcat devices… so, what we do?

  • Me

    They clearly don’t care about this anymore…

  • Kimberley M

    I get exactly ZERO of the information on the Bobber app, in the web dashboard, when I click on the + sign that is shown in your “knowledge base” to be there. Nowhere do I see OTA version listed. But my Miner Dashboard in the app says Miner Version 1.0.2 – so is that the number in supposed to be looking at??? This is getting so ridiculous, having to look everywhere to figure things out, only to find that none of the documentation even seems up to date.

  • Seth

    How do I update my bobcat 300 manually?

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