Bobber OTA Update: Helium Only, Improve Packet Transfer
Bobber OTA Update: Helium Only, Improve Packet Transfer

Aug 3, 2022 - Bobber pushed the latest OTA update at 01:30 PST today.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:
1. Helium Firmware version updated to 2022.08.02.0_GA

2. Bobber Firmware version bumped to


This is a Helium firmware-only update. The release contains improvements to packet delivery such that when a Hotspot sees a packet, it sends the payload right away to the Router (and thus, recipient) immediately. Data transfer reliability is expected to improve with this release.


See the Helium Engineering Blog here for details:  

P.S. The original release announcement was posted in the blockchain-announcement channel on the Helium Discord. Make sure you follow all announcement channels to be up to date with upcoming changes


  • AlexP

    Everything is working again as it should. thanks

  • Anwar

    peerbook is back! does that means syncing is back? and what about nat type still showing unkown?

    Interesting update – please tell us more..

  • Leon

    This is also with me. London / UK here with bobcat 300. Light is always yellow and bobcat 300 will not allow me to diagnose it. It will show me some errors.

    Any way to fix this?

  • AlexP

    After this update light is always yellow no matter what!
    Rebooting fix it for 1 minute and again the same

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