Bobber OTA Update: Helium Only, Improve Packet Transfer
Bobber OTA Update: Helium Only, Improve Packet Transfer

Aug 3, 2022 - Bobber pushed the latest OTA update at 01:30 PST today.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:
1. Helium Firmware version updated to 2022.08.02.0_GA

2. Bobber Firmware version bumped to


This is a Helium firmware-only update. The release contains improvements to packet delivery such that when a Hotspot sees a packet, it sends the payload right away to the Router (and thus, recipient) immediately. Data transfer reliability is expected to improve with this release.


See the Helium Engineering Blog here for details:  

P.S. The original release announcement was posted in the blockchain-announcement channel on the Helium Discord. Make sure you follow all announcement channels to be up to date with upcoming changes


  • Cang

    Anyone else having a problem with their miner rebooting constantly?

  • Pj

    I’ve purchased bobcat miner300 two months ago from a person. Became of all the changes, I’ve been unable to complete transfer so I have limited diagnostic options. What should I do. I’m on wired Network and antenna that was showing 27 connections before the light OTA. I’m hoping to get the needed PoC to complete transfer. Any ideas??

  • Holghor

    I have the same question;
    “peerbook is back! – does that means syncing is back? and what about nat type still showing unkown?
    Interesting update – please tell us more..”

  • HCDigiWorks

    The same with one of my 300’s … light is always yellow no matter what!
    Green for a few seconds after reboot and then, back to yellow.

  • Coffee Dokie

    After OTA updated firmware from to led indicates yellow what ever I’ve tried.
    Bobcat didn’t send any broadcast beacon after this update.
    There’s no way to make it yellow. This update screwed up the Bobcat300.
    Solve this problem or send downgrade OTA ASAP!

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