Bobber OTA Update: Fixes white, yellow light, no onboarding key Issues
Bobber OTA Update: Fixes white, yellow light, no onboarding key Issues

July 19, 2022- Bobber pushed the latest OTA update at 08:00 PST today.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

Bobber Firmware version updated to 

The Helium Firmware version remains 2022.07.14.0_GA. This is a Bobber firmware only update. This release contains several fixes to resolve these issues:

  1. Constant white light despite having received the OTA
  2. Constant yellow light despite reboot and reset
  3. Bobber Diagnoser shows ‘No Onboarding Key Found’ despite reboot and reset

Bobber miners will automatically receive this update and hotspot owners do not need to intervene. If your hotspot issue remains after 24 hours of receiving this OTA, the fastest way to get it fixed is to submit a ticket here.


  • Red Dawn

    After many failed attempts to sync the device, I did a reset using this command: curl -i -H “Authorization:Basic Ym9iY2F0Om1pbmVy” —request POST, where IP address is the address of my hotspot. Device did a reset and I lost resync and fastsync options which were there before. Also I don’t see “Syncing” or “Synced” status on the first line, it just says “Miner (5s)”. Device is green, it’s working, I have witnesses, and both Bobcat and Helium firmware are up to date. Port is forwarded, it shows on the diagnoser, even though the mobile app says it’s relayed and I’m earning HNT. So, I guess this might help someone when setting the hotspot up. And my question is: Is this supposed to be this way? Did you guys remove the sync options? I tried to fastsync through cmd prompt but it says that fastsync file doesn’t exist.

  • Ulrich Unselt

    It’s frustrating. Since the update on July 15, we have no witnesses and no becoiners. We ask for a quick update.

  • Laurynas

    Amount of witnesses dropped to 0 since this update. This is very disappointing. Please check update. Thank you.

  • Pierre

    Amount of witnesses and broadcastings dropped dramatically since this update. This is disappointing somehow. Please investigate. Thank you.

  • paul

    i concur to all issues mentioned before happening after ota update
    -only partial status json overview
    -no peerbook overview (peerbook null)
    -no network status

    reduced mining income from network average to zero over last week

    please contact me for fix

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