Bobber OTA Update: Blockchain Sync Turned Off! - 7/15/2022
Bobber OTA Update: Blockchain Sync Turned Off!  - 7/15/2022

Bobber pushed the latest OTA update at 03:00 PST today.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

Bobcat Firmware version updated to 

Helium Firmware version updated to 2022.07.14.0_GA 

Important changes by Helium Firmware: 2022.07.14.0_GA 

  1. Contains fixes to packet delivery to make it more reliable when Hotspots fall offline for a brief period of time
  2. Contains fixes that will allow Hotspots to transfer packets using the Light Hotspot firmware code (or gateway-rs)

Bobber has turned off chain sync as required. To hotspot owners this means:

  1. Your hotspot is always synced and doesn't need to load snapshots.
  2. There's no need for port-forwarding anymore.
  3. Even less power consumption now that hotspots no longer need to sync.

As a result, the Diagnoser and the Bobber App will see or expect these changes to take place:

  1. P2P status report/Peerbook removed from the app 
  2. Gap display removed from the app 
  3. Sync display removed from the app
  4. Network Status display removed from the app
  5. Resync, Fast Sync options removed from the Diagnoser

If it’s not obvious already, these are good changes as we’re finally embarking on the journey to the light hotspot era. Less headaches, more network stability. 


  • Joshua

    What i need for ota update or miner reset

  • Nuri

    Same here : “Onboarding key not found this time. Maybe Miner isn’t started”, can’t setup/register my bobcat, v1.3.1

  • Patrik

    I had max 5 witnesses sinice I become to be Miner. Inbound is off and NAT type is unavaible, Ports open 44158 and 22 any helpful tricks how I can increase witnesses, anyway outdoor antenna 5.8dbi 6m height

  • Koltyn

    Hi my inbound is not green everything else is perfect and all ports are open. please update!

  • Noel

    Hi, this is a new miner, have no inbound and NAT type us unavailable. Have tried everything recommended for network connectivity, please help as have not witnessed any hotspots!

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