Bobber OTA Update - 7/13/2022
Bobber OTA Update - 7/13/2022

Bobber pushed the latest OTA update at 9:00 pm PDT on 7/13/22.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

Bobber Firmware version bumped to

Helium Firmware version is still 2022.06.09.0 GA

This is a Bobber Firmware system maintenance update.


  • Johannes

    Bobcat down! Network fatal error and not recognize as bobcat anymore. Please fix

  • Vasilis

    Can you please share a full detail list of what changes exist in the new update?

    For example, the gap section doesnt exists anymore. what else ?

  • Hugh Jazz

    New SW update overnight- POWER CYCLE YOUR DEVICES

  • Bobcat300 owner

    First, thank you for releasing new updates, but there is certain devices which crashed during the update process and it is showing an error ’ miner is not started, exit status 1 ’ , which refer to docker crash during update. We tried everything possible from restart, resync and reset but nothing solved the problem and there are too many people complaining about the same thing on discord. Please let us know when the new release will be pushed, it might solve this problem before we can open support tickets and overload you with big numbers of tickets. Hopefully to hear from you soon. Thank you

  • Sevki

    After update GAP is bigger than 3000. Light consistently white after reboot green but later again white

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