Bobber, More Than Just Miners
Bobber, More Than Just Miners

August 17, 2022 marks the date that the total number of Bobber hotspots shipped has exceeded 400,000. To date, including the Bobcat Miner 300 and the Bobber 500, we have shipped 402,392 miners to customers.

We take pride not only in the sheer volume of miners shipped, but much more so in our long-term commitment to our customers, the community, and the ecosystem.


More Than Just Miners
At Bobber, when our customers purchase a hotspot, they are not just getting an award-winning Helium miner. The Bobber is also their gateway (no pun intended) to an ever-expanding series of unmatched services and product features, at no added cost. There are no tiers or premium versions because we believe every Bobcat customer deserves the same top-class service.

Bobber App
We were the first manufacturer to act on Helium’s decision to decentralize hotspot management, and launched our own Bobber App in early 2022 on the Apple Store and the Google Play store. With each iteration, we've introduced new notable features, from a remote web dashboard, deep linking between multiple Helium wallets, and now, to the latest, secure peer-to-peer Bobchat messaging between Helium wallet owners . The Bobber App is constantly adapting to the changing network and will be introducing more utility-focused applications and web features later this year.

Bobber Academy
After launching the Bobber Basics short video series, we have begun focusing on user education, presenting a new podcast series, the Bobber Academy. Tailored for more advanced users, as well as beginners that are interested in learning more, the academy shares what we have learned from community leaders, industry experts, and sometimes our own team members

Bobber Knowledge Center
Our ‘knowledge center’ started as a single website FAQ page in the early days and addressed only the very basic questions. However, as our customers and the community grow to ask deeper technical questions and we introduce more sophisticated products and services, a fully-fledged Bobcat Knowledge Center has been built out. Today it has become an expansive library with over 120 original articles including tutorials, documentation, and videos, providing not only in-depth knowledge on all things Bobber, but also shedding light on how to make sense of the Helium ecosystem, be it LoRa, CBRS, or the Light Hotspot.

New Shipping Estimate
While Bobber is more than just miners, its manufacturing and supply chain capabilities continue to perform well. Now having cleared a majority of the back ordered miners, we are able to again update our estimate shipping time for the Bobcat Miner 300 to an estimated four weeks, and fulfill the Bobber 500 orders using next business day shipping.



The highlights don’t end here though, in fact, we’re just getting started. Join the Bobber family, and own a product that's more than just a miner.


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  • Michael Matthews

    Would be great to get a trade in credit for Bobcat 300 (I have 8 un-opened boxes) for Bobcat 500

  • Jack Black

    My bobcat miner 300. Has mined over 35 HNT in less than 10 months, if my miner ever goes offline for more than 4 days I power off then back on and it fixes it self. Thank you bobcat Fantastic work.

  • matthew holland

    Can you please focus on fixing your broken 300,000 + bobcat miners? Have you guys looked at the blockchain? Blockchain is broken, miners not making any profit anymore, your sales and production will soon fall flat.

  • Luis

    Any update on when the new Bobcat 200 will be available and expected price point?

  • Luis

    Any update on the Bobcat 200 availability and

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