Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 12/6/2021
Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 12/6/2021

Dec 6, 2021 - Bobcat pushed the latest OTA update today at 04:20 PST

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

Bobcat Miner Firmware bumped to

This update was exclusively for Bobcat firmware and released the following changes:

  1. Further resolves some DNS issues that were not allowing hotspots to connect to seed nodes. Not being able to connect to seed nodes means a hotspot would also not be able to connect to any hotspots on the p2p network and therefore not mine.

  2. Fast Sync memory CPU optimization. This feature will now use less memory to help it load faster.

  3. Fast Sync will auto start 3 hours (rather than 1 hour) after the Diagnoser starts. It will first check for errors in the logs to determine whether syncing is normal before activating auto fast sync. If errors are detected in the log, the fast sync feature will not work.

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