Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 11/06/2021
Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 11/06/2021

Nov 6, 2021 - Bobcat pushed the latest OTA update at 7:00 PDT today.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

Helium Hotspot Firmware updated to 2021.11.04.2

Bobcat Miner Firmware bumped to

This is a helium software-only update only. Other than a version bump, no other changes were made to the Bobcat firmware.

This optional Helium update includes a few minor usability improvements, specifically allowing Makers to access a Hotspot’s region parameters via JSON-RPC and miner’s CLI.

Read more from the Helium engineering blog here.

Important Reminders

  1. If your firewall settings have all of China blocked via restriction in both incoming and outgoing directions, your hotspot will not be able to connect to our device management platform and will not be able to receive the OTA updates.

  2. If your hotspot OTA version is older than, please fill out the form here. The team will check this routinely and update any hotspots that are left behind on a daily basis.

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