Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 09/27/2021
Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 09/27/2021

Sep 27, 2021 - Bobcat pushed the latest OTA update at 08:00 PDT today.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

  • Helium Hotspot Firmware updated to 2021.09.26.0

  • Bobcat Miner Firmware updated to

This OTA update is for the Helium Hotspot Firmware only. The release primarily includes networking, PoCv11 (currently still inactive) and transaction manager bug fixes. It also includes a new core developer blessed snapshot at height 1024971. Read the Helium engineering blog here for more details.

Important Reminders

  1. Users can check both Helium and Bobcat firmwares by running the Diagnoser.

  2. For those that are having relay, network, firewall issues, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to follow these instructions.


1. When running diagnostics using the Helium App, the app is displaying an older firmware version for my hotspot. What should I do?

When in doubt, always go by the Bobcat Diagnoser. It is currently not uncommon to see a slightly outdated diagnostics report showing an inaccurate firmware version through the Helium App, as it is not real-time information.

2. So what's the best way to check my hotspot firmware version?

a. Go to your Bobcat Diagnoser page and click 'Miner (5s, miner slowdown)'

b. Wait approximately 5 seconds for the page to load.

c. Inside the Json files, check "ota_version" and "Image," which will let you know the Bobcat and Helium firmware versions you are on (see image below).


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