Bobber Miner OTA Update - 05/13/2022
Bobber Miner OTA Update - 05/13/2022
May 13, 2022 - Bobber pushed the latest OTA update at 9:45 pm PDT on 5/13/22.
The following updates occurred in this OTA:
Bobber Firmware bumped to
Helium Firmware updated to 2022.05.13.0_GA
From Helium:
This release is highly recommended for all Hotspot Makers.
This update allows Hotspots to disconnect from a poorly performing Validator and search for a new one if the connected validator is not keeping up with the chain for 15 blocks (approximately 15 minutes). Hotspots without this release will still function but will greatly improve rewards. No action is required by Hotspot Owners.

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