Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 02/02/2022
Bobcat Miner OTA Update - 02/02/2022

Feb 2, 2022 - Bobcat pushed the latest OTA update today at 10:30 PST.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

Helium Hotspot Firmware updated to 2022.01.29.0

Bobcat Miner Firmware bumped to

This was a mandatory update exclusively for Helium Firmware that helps support hotspots that are no longer able to load the latest snapshot. Prior to this release, the blocks from snapshot were all loaded into memory before being imported. Moving froward snapshot blocks are loaded one at a time from the disk, which avoids using unnecessary memory

Read the Helium Engineering Blog for more details.


Previous Update

An earlier update was made during the weekend to push Helium Hotspot Firmware to 2022.01.27.0. This was a recommended release that included denylist support, added snapshot polling, and better storage reclamation. The addition of denylist support allows asynchronous updates to this list independent of miner releases. This release also improves block sync and fixes some rare crashes.

Read the Helium Engineering Blog for more details.

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