Bobbers Level Up Together
Bobbers Level Up Together

Bobber Discord Leaderboard, Economy & Rewards

(NOTE: The Economy & Rewards Will be activated over the next few days)

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The Bobcat Discord leveling system was enabled about a month ago and so many of you have been climbing the tiers snagging new badges & server roles. We wanted to take the time to fully explain the tiers and the badges gained from leveling up. Bobbers who reach level 1 will receive their first discord level badge & role under the Bronze Tier. You’ll hold that badge until you level up past the last level in that tier. Once you level into the next tier’s beginning level you’ll automatically receive the next tier's badge & server role. There are a total of 5 tiers you can progress into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. 




Behind the scenes, we’ve been building a Bobcat Discord Economy to give our community a fun way to earn XP and Bobber Credit for being active members. Holding a role in a specific tier will automatically enroll you into earning income in the form of Bobber Credits within the Bobcat Discord Economy system. Each Week every discord user with a role in any tier will receive that tier's weekly income airdropped to your in-Discord economy Cash account. This account can only hold Bobber Credits. These credits can be used to purchase items from the Discord economy Store. You can also see your economy credit and items account by typing [ !money @yourname ]. 




Discord Economy Store

The Discord Economy Store will be stocked with limited-time Items redeemable with Bobber Credits. You’ll be able to exchange credits for raffle tickets of various prizes, Limited time Special Discord user roles, and Bobcat-related real-world items.


Raffle Ticket Items

For Prize Raffles, you will need to purchase an in-store raffle ticket item using your Bobber Credits. Buying this item will also give you a temporary role and access to a specific discord channel for that raffle item. This Item must be spent before that specific raffle ends or you will lose your ticket and temporary role. To enter the raffle you need to enter a special discord channel allowed to you by using [ !use-item1 Bobber Bobber Role ] that specific raffle ticket item and clicking on the emoji under the raffle message in the designated channel.


Special Discord Roles

In the Store, you will also be able to buy special items that will allow you to obtain coveted discord roles that you can show off. Role items will be for a limited time only and some will come at a significant cost. Holding these roles will also give you exclusive access to unique channels not accessible to people with these roles. 


Bobcat Items

We are also working on creating new bobcat-related real-world items that will be redeemable by trading in your in-discord items for access to special channels where you can purchase items by reacting to an emoji that will create a support ticket for you to fill out your shipping information to receive the item you selected. 

How to Commands

How To

Leader Board

View The leader board - /levels

View Your Rank - !rank


Economy & Bank

View leaderboard rank - !money

View Entire Economy Stats - !economy-stats

View your money - !money @yourname

View your Inventory - !inventory @yourname



View the store Items for sale - !store

Buy an Item from the store - !buy-item [quantity] <item name> (Ex. Buy-item 1 Bobber Bobber Role)

Use Item in your inventory -  use-item [quantity] <item name> (Ex. use-item1 Bobber Bobber Role)


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