Bobber App Update v3.21.0: Home Screen, Diagnostics, Bobchat
Bobber App Update v3.21.0: Home Screen, Diagnostics, Bobchat

July 29, 2022 - Bobber App Version 3.21.0 is now available for iOS and Android. Selected new features are highlighted below.

New Home Screen with Added Functionalities 
 - One-click link or unlink among multiple Helium wallets
 - Add a hotspot from the top left corner
 - Access the settings page from the top right corner

 Link and unlink between multiple Helium wallets from the home screen 

Pre-onboarding Bluetooth Diagnostics 
This new feature allows users to find out more information about their hotspot before onboarding to the blockchain, such as hotspot IP Address and firmware version. This Information will help users to more easily access the local Bobcat Diagnoser and diagnostic information of their hotspot prior to onboarding to the blockchain.

Look up hotspot IP address and firmware version prior to blockchain onboarding

Bobchat Messaging
This is one of the latest and greatest features of the Bobber App, allowing secure p2p chat between Helium hotspot owners. The TLDR of this feature is, in order to use BobChat you only need two things:
 - Have the Bobber App installed
From your Bobber App, deep link with your Helium wallet

We strongly encourage users to read this full feature article to learn more :)

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