Bobber App: Monitor $MOBILE Earnings for All of Your Radios
Bobber App: Monitor $MOBILE Earnings for All of Your Radios

Since the Bobber App added 5G monitoring capability for both Freedomfi and Bobber 500 gateways, we have now also enabled remote radio monitoring for any Baicells or Mosolabs radios connected to the gateways. 

After logging in and deep linking to a Helium wallet from the Bobber app, users can view the web dashboard either from the Bobber app or from directly. Aside from radio heartbeat, gateway speed test and latency information, a few radio-specific datapoints are also now available remotely from the Bobber dashboard.

Number of Radios
Next to the heartbeat timestamp you will see how many radios have been detected on the gateway.

Total Daily Rewards
Next to the radio count widget you will see the total daily MOBILE tokens rewarded to all of your radios.

Radio IDs and Individual Radio Rewards
Without the Bobber App, you can still check your radio IDs by going into the radio dashboard locally via bobber-gateway.local and look for the Device Serial. But you have to be where the radios are.

The Bobber App will however, let you check this and more remotely. Click the "+" sign in front of the hotspot name to see more detailed radio information. You will see:
1. The full serial numbers of each radio
2. The radio type: indoor or outdoor
3. The last heartbeat timestamp from each radio
4. The daily MOBILE tokens received by each radio
These information help you identify more easily if any of your radios are not working. 

1. By deep linking, you don’t reveal your Helium wallet seed phrase
2. Bobber App does not ask or need your seed phrase
3. You have to log in to the Bobber App and deep link first to use the web dashboard
4. You can access the dashboard at if using a web browser

Download the Bobber App and Monitor $MOBILE rewards Today:
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